Justify Your Attendance

Making the Case to Attend the AASHE Conference & Expo

The AASHE Conference & Expo brings together more than 2,000 higher education sustainability leaders from around the globe. Each year we convene campus administrators, sustainability staff, students, faculty, businesses, media and many others to explore more than 400 educational sessions, workshops, tours and keynote addresses to advance sustainability in higher education.

This year's theme, Stronger in Solidarity, will convene a diverse group of attendees including faculty, students, sustainability officers, administrators, business partners, nonprofit representatives, government officials and community members to take stock and examine how the campus sustainability community can break down walls, build bridges, and continue to make progress toward a healthy and equitable future for all.

Talking Points

In talking with peers, supervisors and other potential funders about your possible attendance at the conference, we recommend you: 

  • Explain the value of developing relationships with colleagues at peer institutions to exchange ideas and learn from one another
  • Articulate institutional or organizational goals and problems that you hope to solve by attending the conference
  • Offer to share what you will learn at the conference with your campus and the surrounding community

Sample Attendance Letter

Access a sample letter that you can use to send to your manager or supervisor. To download click "File" and then select "Download As" for your desired file type.

Please let us know if additional resources or information would be helpful in making your case to attend the 2017 AASHE Conference & Expo by emailing conference@aashe.org.

Five Tips to Plan Your AASHE 2017 Budget

  1. Review registration options and make the best choice for yourself, your colleagues or students.
  2. Secure discounted hotel rooms by reserving your room through AASHE. (AASHE block hotel details will be shared this spring.)
  3. Research your travel options and book your flights early.
  4. Take advantage of the meals included in most registration options.
  5. Use public transportation as opposed to a taxi to save money and the environment! Additionally, consider allowing time to walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Thank You to Our 2017 Sponsors