In 2006, AASHE held its first conference with over 650 attendees. By its next conference in 2008, attendance had tripled to over 1,700 participants. Today, AASHE continues to advance sustainability in higher education through professional development and networking opportunities like our much anticipated annual conference & expo. Explore past conference presentations or view photos and videos from past conferences below.

2016 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Beyond the Campus"
Baltimore, Maryland
AASHE 2016 Schedule

2015 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Transforming Sustainability Education"
Minneapolis, Minnesota
AASHE 2015 Schedule

2014 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Innovation for Sustainable Economies & Communities"
Portland, Oregon
AASHE 2014 Schedule

2013 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Resiliency & Adaptation"
Nashville, Tennessee
AASHE 2013 Schedule

2012 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Investing in the Future"
Los Angeles, California
AASHE 2012 Schedule

We're sorry! No video was captured at the 2012 AASHE Conference & Expo


2011 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Creating Sustainable Campuses & Communities"
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
AASHE 2011 Schedule

2010 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Initiatives to Catalyze a Just and Sustainable World"
Denver, Colorado
AASHE 2010 Schedule


2008 AASHE Conference & Expo
"Working Together for Sustainability - On Campus and Beyond"
Raleigh, North Carolina 
No schedule, pictures or video available.


2006 AASHE Conference & Expo
"The Role of Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable World"
Tempe, Arizona
No schedule, pictures or video available.

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