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Review Process

All complete 30-minute, 60-minute sessions, student summit presentations and workshop proposals will be reviewed by a minimum of 3 volunteer reviewers (that’s you!). Based on the criteria described below, each reviewer will rate approximately 25 proposals on a quantitative scale that reflect topics where you offer the strongest expertise. Reviewers also have the opportunity to add comments or suggestions. Note that you will not review any proposals on which you are listed as a presenter.

AASHE then uses the reviewer ratings and comments to create the conference program schedule. Our primary goal in preparing the schedule is to ensure that it includes a well-balanced mix of high-quality sessions that meet the diverse interests of attendees. AASHE staff ultimately make final decisions about whether to accept or decline a proposal based on reviewer feedback, as well as scheduling constraints.

Please note: While AASHE strives to limit the number of proposals reviewed per Volunteer Reviewer to 25, this is dependent upon both the number of submissions we receive as well as the number of Volunteer Reviewers. In addition, although we aim to limit your reviews to proposals that match your self-identified area of expertise (topic) we may ask you to review submissions that fall outside of that specific area.

Reviewing Instructions

When the review process opensyou will receive an email with information to access your assigned proposals. Use the login information included in the email to access your account. After you login, you will be taken to the “Dashboard” page. Scroll down and click on “View Now” under the Review section. You will then see a page listing all your assigned proposals. To start reviewing, click on “Review Score Card”.

Please note: Incomplete review score cards cannot be saved. If you move away from the score card without answering all questions and saving, your answers will be lost. However, you can change the answers you provided on a completed scorecard.

Review Scale

Using the following numerical scale, reviewers rate each proposal on the 6 review criteria listed below. Each criterion is worth 5 points maximum.

  • Strongly Agree (5 points)
  • Agree (4 points)
  • Mildly Agree (3 points)
  • Mildly Disagree (2 points)
  • Disagree (1 point)
  • Strongly Disagree (0 points)

Review Criteria

You will review and consider submitted proposals using the following criteria (each criterion is worth 5 points maximum, 30 is highest score):

  1. The proposed session presents new, high-impact and cutting edge research and initiatives.
  2. The proposed session provides attendees broadly applicable and replicable content.
  3. The proposed session offers inspiration, lessons, tools and ideas which participants can bring back to their institution, organization, or community.
  4. The proposed session includes participatory and interactive content and employs audience engagement techniques to facilitate active learning.
  5. The proposed session addresses social dimensions of sustainability.
  6. The presentation is relevant to the conference theme: “Stronger in Solidarity”.

Reviewers can leave two types of comments:

  • To submitters: these comments will be shared with submitters, however, reviewers’ identities will remain confidential. Please provide constructive and kind suggestions and feedback on improving the presentations
  • To AASHE staff: these comments will not be shared with submitters.

Reviewer Tips

For the past few years, we have consistently received feedback from conference attendees that they are looking for advanced level content with actionable lessons they can immediately apply on their campus or in the community. Thanks to that feedback, we’ve created these reviewer tips to help select the highest quality sessions for a variety of experiences levels.

  • Review How to Submit a Proposal before you begin scoring so you know what information was requested from presenters.
  • Read all the proposals before you begin scoring them. One approach is to read through the proposals by topic area or presentation type and then rate them against each other. This will help you evaluate similar content and select the best proposal(s) for that particular topic. You can compare proposals by opening the Review Score Cards in a new tab or window.
  • Pace yourself by rating no more than 8-12 proposals at a time. Breaking up your review process in this way will prevent fatigue and keep your mind fresh.
  • When making recommendations, please focus on the content rather than spelling and grammar.
  • Ask yourself if the main lessons from the session are clear.
  • Ask yourself if you would attend the session or recommend it to a colleague.
  • Consider the conversations your colleagues (students, faculty, staff, administrators) are having. What answers are they seeking? What challenges are they facing? What hot topics are circulating that could be addressed at the 2017 AASHE Conference & Expo?
  • Remember that all sessions should be educational in nature. Advertisements of a product or service will be not accepted.

Expectations of Reviewers

  • Reviewers will provide unbiased, consistent and professional feedback on each proposal reviewed.
  • While we do our best to remove all identifiers to make this a blind review process, sometimes things can slip through the cracks. By reviewing unpublished submissions, you are accepting the ethical responsibility not to disclose their contents to anyone else.
  • It is your responsibility to let us know if a conflict of interest arises during the review process. You will not be responsible for performing a review of the proposal in question. AASHE may provide a substitute proposal for review instead.
  • As much as possible, submissions are assigned for reviewing based on your topic request. This may not have been possible in every instance. If you are not be able to review a submission, please inform us immediately so we can reassign the submission to someone else.
  • Participating in the proposal review process typically takes 4-8 hours (approximately 10-20 minutes/proposal). The review period will be open for approximately 3.5 weeks. Please only sign up to be a reviewer if you are able to complete the assigned reviews within the allotted time (see Important Dates above).
  • If you are planning to attend the conference, it is your responsibility to register for the conference at your own expense.
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