Call for Proposals Submission Instructions

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How to Submit a Proposal

Create an Account

If you created a profile as a submitter, presenter or reviewer for AASHE 2015 or 2016 you can use the same login information for 2017. If you forgot your username or password click here! and provide your First Name, Last Name and Email Address you used for your previous profile. You will receive a message with instructions to reset your password.

If you are new to AASHE’s Presentation Management Site, you must first create a new user account and profile. Please be prepared to enter the following information: First Name, Last Name, Affiliation, Title and Primary Email. After you click “Save”, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and a link to reset your password so make sure the Primary Email you provide is correct. After clicking this link you will receive a second email and please click the reset password link again. This second link is only valid for 90 minutes. Confirm the username received via email and set your password. Please note, passwords are case sensitive and must be between 6-15 characters long and contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number.

Create a Proposal

After you update your profile, you will be redirected to the “Dashboard” page. Select the Presentation Type for which you would like to submit your proposal and click “Start Proposal” to get started.

PLEASE NOTEIf you selected the wrong presentation type, withdraw the proposal and submit a new one with the correct type.

Next you will be given a form with a number of different steps.

  • Required steps are noted in red and must be completed before submitting your proposal.
  • Steps highlighted in dark purple have already been completed.
  • Steps highlighted in light purple are not required for submission.

You may click on any one of the steps throughout this process after you save your title. There are no Previous or Next buttons, so make sure you click on "Save" at the bottom of each page once you have completed a step, before moving on to a different step. Please double-check spelling and grammar prior to finalizing as errors may carry through into the final program if your proposal is accepted.

Step one: Title

  • Add the Title of your presentation. Please follow APA guidelines for capitalization of titles (capitalize the first and last word and other words with four letters or more)

Step two: Presenter(s)

  • Enter information about the presenter(s). It is imperative that the email address listed for each presenter is correct. If the email address is incorrect, they will not receive important information. Co-presenters will receive an email notification that they were added to the proposal, however, the proposal will not be shown in their presenter profile until it is accepted, after the review period.
  • If you are not a presenter for this proposal, but are submitting it on someone else’s behalf, you will need to specify this here.
  • Do not list collaborators who are not able to attend.
  • The system will guide you in finding the additional presenters if they already have a profile created. If a match cannot be found, click on “Add Co-Presenter” and provide the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Affiliation and Title.

Step three: Proposal Description

Provide a summary description of the session. If your proposal is accepted, this description will be shared with attendees via the conference website and mobile app. Limited to 1,500 characters (carriage returns count as 2 characters). Please do not include presenters’ names in the description.

Step four: Audience Engagement

A conference session is not only a presentation but an opportunity for dialogue, sharing and reflection with attendees. Describe how your session will engage the audience and foster interaction. If you are planning on using a an alternative presentation style, please describe here. Limited to 500 characters (carriage returns count as 2 characters).

Step five: Topic Area, Session Level, Intended Audience & Institution Type

  • Choose one primary Topic Area and two optional secondary Topic Areas that best encompass the focus of your proposal.
  • Identify the Level of your proposed session. Note that reviewers may recommend changing the level. For a description of how session levels are defined, please see page 8.
  • Select the Intended Audience(s) for the proposed session (select up to three): Administrators, Businesses and Community, Faculty, Graduate Students or Above, Other Staff, Sustainability Staff, Undergraduate Students
  • (optional) Does your submission have a focus on a particular Institution Type (select up to three): Community and Technical Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges, Research Universities, Special Focus Institutions, Institutions outside the US, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Other Minority Serving Institutions?

Step six: Additional Information (not applicable to Posters and Networking Meetings)

In this step, you are provided with additional questions depending on the presentation type.

For oral sessions (Student Summit Workshop)

  1. Would you like AASHE to consider this submission for an alternate presentation type than originally submitted? To produce the highest quality educational program possible within our time and space constraints, we may change the type of your presentation if this option is selected. If you choose “No”, your submission may be declined without the option of changing the type later.
  2. (not applicable to Pre- or Post-Conference Workshop) Are you interested in grouping your session with other similar proposals into a thematic panel? AASHE will populate the panel up to a maximum of six presenters.
  3. If you expect to need any special equipment or support (beyond a PC computer, projector, screen, and microphone) for your session, please describe it here. Please do not request supplies (including but not limited to: pens, note paper, flip charts, markers, etc.) as AASHE is unable to provide any. Note that AASHE may not be able to accommodate your requests.

For Films and Live Performances:

  1. Are you submitting for a 30- or a 60-minute session? Please note, we can only accept submissions that fit into one of these time-slots.
  2. If you need any special equipment or support (beyond a PC computer, projector, screen, and microphone) for your session, please describe it here. Please do not request supplies (including but not limited to: pens, note paper, flip charts, markers, etc.) as AASHE is unable to provide any. Note that AASHE may not be able to accommodate your requests.

Step seven: Preview

Please preview your proposal and double-check spelling and grammar prior to finalizing your submission. You can also save your proposal as a PDF from this step by clicking the Print button and then Save as PDF.

Step eight: Submit

  • Required steps that have not been completed will be highlighted in red. You must complete these steps to finish the submission.
  • Each submitter must agree to the 2017 AASHE Conference & Expo Presenter Policies and Procedures in order to finalize a proposal.
  • Once all steps are completed, submit your proposal. You will receive an automated confirmation email for your records.

Change Your Proposal

To make changes to your submission before the Call for Proposals ends, simply login to the submission site using your username and password, navigate to “My Proposals,” and click on the title of the proposal you wish to update. Once you have selected the proposal, the system will guide you through the steps for that submission. With the exception of the Presentation Type, all other information can be updated.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to re-submit the updated proposal to continue to be considered.

If your proposal is accepted, you will have the opportunity to make minor edits to your submission. The submission site will reopen after proposal acceptance announcements are made, and submitters will have the opportunity to update titles and session descriptions before September 8, 2017.No changes will be accepted after September 8, 2017.

Review Scale

Interested in knowing how your proposal was reviewed? Reviewers rated each proposal on the 6 review criteria listed below. Each criterion is worth 5 points maximum.

  • Strongly Agree (5 points)
  • Agree (4 points)
  • Mildly Agree (3 points)
  • Mildly Disagree (2 points)
  • Disagree (1 point)
  • Strongly Disagree (0 points)

Review Criteria

While your proposal was reviewed, reviewers considered submitted proposals using the following criteria (each criterion is worth 5 points maximum, 30 is highest score):

  1. The proposed session presents new, high-impact and cutting edge research and initiatives.
  2. The proposed session provides attendees broadly applicable and replicable content.
  3. The proposed session offers inspiration, lessons, tools and ideas which participants can bring back to their institution, organization, or community.
  4. The proposed session includes participatory and interactive content and employs audience engagement techniques to facilitate active learning.
  5. The proposed session addresses social dimensions of sustainability.
  6. The presentation is relevant to the conference theme: “Stronger in Solidarity”.

Reviewers had the opportuity to leave two types of comments:

  • To submitters: these comments will be shared with submitters, however, reviewers’ identities will remain confidential. Please provide constructive and kind suggestions and feedback on improving the presentations
  • To AASHE staff: these comments will not be shared with submitters.
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