What innovation, activity, framework, learning outcome, or leadership initiative are you working on that is changing the face of sustainability in higher education?

AASHE 2014: Innovation for Sustainable Economies & Communities will draw together a diverse group of campus representatives including faculty, sustainability officers, presidents and students. In one of the most innovative sustainable cities in North America, we will gather to examine:

  • how communities and higher education institutions can come together to create vibrant local economies to help guide the sustainability transformation
  • how higher education institutions are serving as a model for sustainability in the communities they are located
  • campus and community partnerships that are creating innovative solutions to current environmental, social, and economic issues

Expected to draw more than 1,800 participants, AASHE’s annual conference remains the largest stage in North America for sharing effective models, policies, research, collaborations and transformative actions. 

The call for proposals is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted! We are currently reviewing the proposals and will send out accept and decline notifications in early May. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Swartzbaugh at conference@aashe.org.

Excellent turnout for our presentations at AASHE! Meeting great people and having an awesome time! Oberlin College Sustainability via Twitter at AASHE 2013