October 6-9, Nashville, TN

Internships as a Tool for Sustainability Education and Outreach

Field Information
Delivery Model Conference Concurrent Sessions: Academics
Session Type Case Study
Building Music City Center
Floor / Room 207 C
Capacity 100
Time Oct. 8, 2013, 1:30 p.m. Oct. 8, 2013, 2 p.m.

Using Luther College’s successful sustainability internship program as a case study, this presentation will cover all aspects of developing and implementing a sustainability focused student internship program for undergraduates. Like many schools, Luther College is working to both increase education for sustainability on campus and do more outreach to the community and region. With this simultaneous growth in sustainability education and need for more community-based sustainability work, student internships provide a unique opportunity for a win-win situation that benefits both the students and the community. But what type of internship is best, how do you find community partners, and what sort of oversight and evaluation is needed? These and many other questions about internships will be covered including how to develop, fund, and sustain a program. Examples will be drawn from many places but especially from Luther College as a way to ground a general discussion of internships with specific stories and best practices. Luther runs sustainability focused internships of many different types – both credit-bearing and non-credit, paid and unpaid, etc. – and has both successes and failures to share. This presentation will provide a comprehensive look at internship logistics as well as making an argument for greater use of this tool at all institutions of higher education.


Name Role
Jon Jensen Presenter