October 6-9, Nashville, TN

Inside the 2013 AASHE Sustainability Awards

nashville public library

First, the important details!

We are excited to announce that the call for applications is now open for AASHE's 2013 Sustainability Awards. In other words, the chance to celebrate your sustainability wins is here. AASHE will honor campuses and students working to advance sustainability research and leadership during the AASHE 2013 Conference in Nashville. The deadline to apply is May 10. Questions? Email awards@aashe.org

2013 Award Categories:

Now, for those interested in a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the AASHE Awards process, here are a few tips and notes about this year’s awards program:

For this year’s Campus Sustainability Case Study award, we will be looking for applications that consciously connect all aspects of sustainability and engage with multiple stakeholders to advance campus projects. These case studies will be especially valuable in helping to lead the higher education transformation. As in the past, all applications help build our database of campus sustainability case studies.

Without fail, AASHE’s Awards program morphs and changes each year. We add new categories, drop old categories, change eligibility requirements, and revise the focus and direction of what we plan to celebrate at the conference each year. We do this to keep the awards fresh and relevant, focused on current areas of higher education sustainability innovation. Some of the changes this year include:

  • The expansion of the student leadership award from one award to two, with specific categories for winners from an associate college and from a four-year institution. In the past, we have only give out a single award, and we hope that the addition of categories will create a more inclusive award for all campus types.

  • The ability for student leadership award applicants to upload photos, videos or press coverage about their efforts.

  • The expansion of our longest running award for student sustainability leadership into a team award. Oftentimes, the activities and accomplishments are the work of more than one person, and this change is intended to better capture that reality. The award now recognizes the achievements of at least two or more students who are working to advance campus sustainability.

Our Student Sustainability Research Award will continue to recognize two students – undergraduate and graduate -- for outstanding research that helps to advance the sustainability field. These research submissions are an invaluable addition to our database of student research (available to all AASHE members).

Each year, it is amazing and encouraging to read the award applications and truly gives us hope for creating a healthy, just and sustainable future.

Thank you for your contribution to the movement! Please apply and help spread the word on your campus!